Fitness Class Schedule

Everyone into the pool! There are many benefits of working out in the water. Aqua Fitness classes are great for those with joint pain, arthritis, or anyone who just loves the water.  Check out some of the Aqua Fitness classes offered.

  1. Paddle Board
  2. Paddle Board HIIT
  3. Aqua River
  4. Water Works
  5. Water Aerobics 
  6. Aqua Pilates+Cardio
  7. Aqua Boogie

Paddle Board Yoga

Times:  8 am - 9 am
Days:  Saturday
Prices:  $25 Members, $29 Non-Members
Instructor:  Just Be Well Yoga

Join us in the pool for paddle board yoga.  The fastest growing style of yoga incorporating strength, breath and balance in a full body activity.  Paddle board yoga builds core strength, reduces stress levels and increases flexibility all while getting to float on the water.

To see specific class times and to register online check out